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Changing Lives, Changing Directions?

Throughout our lives, we change directions many times. Not just the North, south, east or west directions, but life directions. Every day might bring an ever so slight shift from the direction we were headed in and it causes us to recalculate. Like the increasing popular GPS devices, when you start down a street that isn't in the prescribed path, it says recalculating! Our lives are like that as well. We have a path we prescribe for ourselves, but we very often are sent in a little different direction because of life's circumstances or personal choice. Homes can be ever changing as well. Some of the factors might be growing up with parents relocating, moving away from home, marriage, becoming a parent, the empty nest syndrome where children grow older and move out, divorce, moving closer to those older children and grandchildren, travel and desire to live in another part of the world for new experiences. The ways why we might change directions are endless.

Changing Directions, Changing Homes

Along with the change in directions in our lives may come changes in the homes we live in. Our first home, probably smaller with limited space, then something with more room, a yard/garden or basement, guest bedrooms and play areas, walk to schools or mass transit, no yard or garden, something much smaller, more rural, more urban, more suburban, single level with minimal stairs or multilevel so everyone has their own space. The options available for homes in Portland are as endless as the reasons we have to change directions. From early 20th century classic designs of bungalows to ornate and period styled larger homes and mansions, neighborhoods from the exploding urban lofts and condos to a more rural home on a piece of land. Suburban neighborhoods of every size and description are a part of the huge variety and diverse choices there are for homes in Portland.

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement indicates there are over 90 neighborhoods in Portland and the surrounding area . Portland Monthly magazine, in it's yearly neighborhood issue every April, lists 120 neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods and communities can have their own flavor, look and feel. Having worked with people relocating here from other cities many times find the house hunting very daunting as they aren't used to so many choices.

Changing Directions can be challenging
I like to see this time in our lives as an adventure. Use this time looking for a home in Portland as your own adventure. You provide the change, I am happy to provide the directions.

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